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My Biggest Fan

Still to this day, my dad is my biggest fan. Over the years, both my mom and dad have encouraged the artistic spirit to grow within me. But, when others tired of my many daily questions, dad was always there to patiently answer and guide my interests. Dad encouraged my love of nature, birds and animals. He taught me how to see the beauty in a humdrum day - to see the magic in the commonplace. He taught [...]

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Blogging & Social Media: Does it Steal an Artist’s Mystery?

On Twitter I shared a popular post, Should Artists Have Their Own Blogs? According to Topsy.com, this topic sparked 108 shares on Twitter, however this interesting tweet caught my eye. I retweeted and commented to his response, and then I decided to ask my loyal Facebook friends on my Fine Art Tips fan page for their thoughts. I asked, "What do you think? Do you think blogging steals the mystery of an artist? If so, how do we [...]

Meeting Social Media Friends In Real Life

Over the past few months, I have been traveling a lot. My art and social media businesses have taken me to fun places where I have been able to meet some of my social media friends in real life (IRL). Over the past few years, my social media efforts have opened many doors for me, and introduced me to many fascinating people. So, I thought I'd share a few of my recent experiences with you... First, as [...]

My View from the Dentist Chair: 21 Suggestions for Success

A visit to the dentist is never at the top of my list of 'fun things to do'. However, for a moment I did enjoy my view... 21 Suggestions For Success.  I was really inspired by this list of suggestions, so I thought I'd share my view with you! PS. I would make one addition to the list,  #22.  Floss. 21 Suggestions For SUCCESS by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% [...]

An Artful Tweet: How Many Tweets Does it Take to Sell Something?

To tweet or not to tweet? According to Fins.com/The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, this is the top question on the minds of people in the business of selling goods and services as they ponder the worth of communicating with over 140 million Twitter users. Yesterday, I received a phone call from a reporter from Fins.com, the Wall Street Journal Digital Network who asked to interview me for today's post, How Many Tweets Does it Take to Sell Something?  It's an [...]

Is Blogging Dead for Artists?

Is blogging dead for artists? Nowadays, so many artists are using sites like Facebook and Google Plus or even Twitter for their micro blogging, and art promotion. Lately, there is a lot buzz going around that blogging is dying. I disagree. Why? With social sites, you do not control any of the content that has been shared on your accounts. You do not have control over the look and layout, plus you cannot manage the comments. Blogging on [...]

Beyond Instagram: 5 Top Android Photography Apps

For years, only iPhone owners could use the nifty photo app Instagram. The app’s release on the Android platform created a flurry of hype that’s rarely seen for any mobile app, much less for any Android app. Having tested Instagram on my Android, a  Samsung Galaxy from T-Mobile, I can see why the app is so popular. With expertly crafted, retro-themed filters (with pretty names like “Walden” and “Earlybird”), the photos you create can be downright stunning. However, [...]

10 Lessons Learned From a Creative Mompreneur

Being a creative mompreneur is rewarding, but it is filled with life lessons as we learn to juggle the full-time demands of motherhood and running a business. For the busy, creative mompreneur there never seem to be enough hours in the day. I can speak on this subject with authority, because my own art career developed between loads of laundry, during my kids’ naptimes, and often into the wee hours of the night. Definition of 'Mompreneur':  A slang term [...]

Choosing Quality Art Materials and Supplies

When I entered graduate school, I first experienced the raw difference in quality art materials and supplies. There was such a huge distinction between the materials I used in the shop (the scene shop) to the materials I used in the studio, and I could immediately see the results in both different types of paints, and in different papers, and substrates. It wasn’t an intentional experiment to find better quality, but it sold me on how quality makes a [...]

How Leonardo da Vinci Used Sacred Geometry in Painting the Mona Lisa

There is strong evidence that supports Leonardo da Vinci's use of Sacred Geometry, also known as the Golden Ratio or Golden Number, while creating the Mona Lisa. Last spring, I learned about the use of the Golden Ratio when I took a painting workshop from the very accomplished painter, Michael Workman. Understanding the elements of scared geometry will help elevate and enhance your own artistic compositions. Besides the Mona Lisa, the Golden Number 1.61803398874989... was used in the planning and construction of religious [...]