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From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden – Interview with Lori McNee

"Lori McNee - From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden" is an excerpt from a recent interview by Eye on Sun Valley, an online Idaho news channel. Lori McNee in her Idaho studio. From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden - Interview with Lori McNee STORY AND PHOTOS BY KAREN BOSSICK Lori McNee’s mother once told her that she could hold a bird in her hands if she sprinkled salt on its tail. The 5-year-old took her mother’s [...]

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Easy Tips for Packing and Shipping Encaustic Art Safely

Painting with encaustic wax is a joy. I love the organic, translucent qualities of the finished piece. But, shipping encaustic art can be a bit tricky, and even mysterious. I have been a serious encaustic painter for nearly 5 years. My work is exhibited around the West, but I have avoided shipping my encaustic art for fear of damage, special crating, and huge shipping costs. Encaustic art is prone to chipping and damage in extreme temperatures. It [...]

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New Oil and Encaustic Paintings on Display by Lori McNee

For many months, I have been busy creating a series of new oil still life and landscape paintings, as well as encaustic paintings for my various summer gallery exhibitions and events. I thought my readers might like to see my newest works... Trumpet Vase & Orchid 24x36 ©2015 LMcNee Come out and see me tomorrow night at Kneeland Gallery for my two-person show with Russian Impressionist Master, Ovanes Berberian. Enjoy this thought-provoking exhibition of newly installed art, [...]

Perceptions of Nature – My New Encaustic Paintings

This winter I have been working really hard at a new series of artwork - encaustic wax paintings. Working with encaustic wax is a tactile, poetic, emotional experience. I am seduced by the alluring, organic translucencies of the encaustic medium. Labor intensive and difficult to master, the wax has a mind of its own, but this makes the medium even more exciting. When painting with encaustic, I am embracing the ‘unknown’ and enjoy the experience of being out [...]

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5 Reasons Why Social Media can Help Boost Your SEO and Increase Traffic

Social media has been being used by successful people since it first came out. The thought of having so many people using these sites can be intimidating, but really social media can make your website thrive. Even if you only attract a very tiny fraction of the people within social media sites, your site will be successful. So to help you realize why you should be getting yourself into social media as soon as possible, here are [...]

Handy Artist Palettes by New Wave

My friends at New Wave Fine Art Products, makers of handcrafted artist palettes, have sent me new products to review. Two different shapes of the Grey Pad disposable palettes, and the handy Easy Lift peelable palette. Lori holding the Grey Pad handheld model. Last year, I tested out the New Wave Highland plein air, and Grand View Confidant studio palettes. I am still so impressed with these beautiful, functional palettes and I use them all the [...]

What Can You Learn From Children’s Art?

Children create art in a naive and wholesome way. Instead of being burdened with information on color theory, artistic movements and technique, children draw, paint and color with wild abandon. Here are some things we can learn from children’s artwork to become better artists. Newness – Children are exploring their world and learning about everything in it. Life is fresh and new, and that mentality is reflected in their art. Children see the world with a fresh [...]

Poetry and Place

My latest paintings are currently on display in Kneeland Gallery's latest exhibition, "Poetry and Place." I hope some of you can come meet me at our artists' reception on Friday night. Or, you can see my paintings this weekend with Dana Gallery in Great Falls, Montana at the Western Masters Art Show & Sale. Kneeland Gallery is proud to present a three person exhibition featuring new work from Lori McNee, Seth Winegar and Linda Tippetts. Sun Valley [...]

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Monday’s Motivation: What Makes You Happy?

Monday is almost over, but I thought I'd go ahead and share Monday's Motivation tip from Fine Art Tips on Facebook. My followers enjoyed this photo of me painting in France, and the motivational words, "Do more of what makes you happy!" These words are simple, yet profound. I hope you can find time to do more of what makes you happy. I am working on that too... Do you know what makes you happy? Leave a comment [...]

Happiness, Health & Gratitude

Did you know there is a direct relationship between happiness, health and gratitude? Gratitude has a positive, measurable effect on your happiness and health. "Gratitude simply consists of being happy with what we already have instead of always focusing on what we don't have." A grateful heart is a healthier heart. Researchers at the University of Connecticut found that gratitude can even have a protective effect against heart attacks. Also, according to PsychologicalToday.com, regular practice of gratitude can change [...]