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The Importance of Being an Artist in Today’s Modern World

The importance of being an artist was on my mind when my oldest son was studying 3D animation, and computer modeling. My son is a talented artist with a degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, but like many young artists he has a passion for fine art as well as technology. This got me pondering being an artist, and the possible irrelevance of Art in a modern world which is computer driven. On a number of occasions, [...]

“High Moon” – What a Night for Van Gogh!

  Tonight was the first full moon of 2010 which was the biggest and brightest full moons of the year, some are calling it a ''supermoon." The spectacular moon is closer in orbit than usual at this time of year. So much so, that it is 14 percent wider and 30 percent brighter than normal. After reading this information from the Huffington Post late tonight, I decided not to miss out - even though it was already one-in-the-morning [...]

January 30th, 2010|General, Inspiration & Motivation, Misc. Articles|6 Comments

My Featured Painting – “Old Acoma Canteen & Wren”

~Old Acoma Canteen & Wren~ by Lori McNee Old Acoma Canteen & Wren 24x12 oil/board $2200 SOLD This still life painting is one of my all time favorites, so I decided to share it with you. The old Indian canteen is one of my prized still life vessels that I own. Believe it or not, I bought it off of eBay! I found myself in a huge bidding war over this piece, but the late 1800's antique canteen [...]

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How to Find Your Own Artistic Voice

One of the biggest points I try to drive is artistic “voice”. Call it style, call it feeling, but call it yours. We as individuals have our own personal flair. We hold something that no other living thing in this world has, we can think freely, we can imagine, we can do anything we want. I am saddened when I look at art and see that its already been done in history or when I see art and think I recognize [...]

My Featured Painting – “Hope Floats”

  Recently, I have had many requests to share the inspiration behind my paintings. The creative process of art and what goes on in the mind of the artist has always intrigued me. With that in mind, I have decided to feature a painting of mine at least once a week with a brief description of the original meaning, concept or inspiration. I hope you enjoy learning about my art... ~Hope Floats~ by Lori McNee  Hope Floats 30×24 oil/board $4,400 [...]

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6 Tips for a Stress Free Sketchbook

A sketchbook is an artist's best friend! Okay...well, sometimes. Other times, it is a pain in the neck, another one of those things you feel you should be doing but do not have the time for. You may be wondering why you should care. A sketchbook is a visual record of your ideas, your thoughts, your inspirations and your creative process. It is a collection of your creative endeavours, however formal or casual they might be. A sketchbook is [...]

Life Imitates Art & Attitude

The close relationship between life and art stirred Oscar Wilde to coin the infamous quote, "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life." Artists truly are the movers and shakers of the world. The ages illustrate that artists have been at the forefront of every epic era. That said, we artists have a big responsibility and must understand the importance of being an artist in today's modern world. Oscar Wilde's quote makes me ponder the importance of taking my choice in choosing the right attitude [...]

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A Favorite Book: “Composition of Outdoor Painting” by Edgar Payne

One of my most cherished artistic possessions is the little book, Composition of Outdoor Painting by California Impressionist, Edgar Payne . Often referred to as the ‘Bible', it is an indispensable tool that can be found in the studio of most every serious landscape and plein air painter. If you can buy only one art book on composition, this should be it! Multi talented, Edgar Payne was one of the great California Impressionist painters as well as a great teacher and author. Rather [...]

Use The Hidden Meaning of Color In Your Art

The hidden meaning of color can be used as a powerful tool in art. Once the simple principles are understood, the artist can use color to enchant the viewer. In fact, research shows that color can play a major role in our overall state of well-being. The colors we surround ourselves with directly influence the way we feel and relax. In art and design, color allows us to create our own individuality and flare. For years, interior decorators, [...]

A Favorite Book – “Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting” by John F. Carlson

On my personal artistic journey I have found many books that have become some of my greatest teachers. And now, the internet seems to be an infinite resource for artists. There is something special about a book that a computer cannot replace. A favorite book becomes my old friend, a friend I refer back to again and again for advice. One of those old friends is the book by John F. Carlson, Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting. [...]