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How To Feel Comfortable Making Art For A Live Audience

As artists, we usually create art in the privacy of our studio away from the eyes of the general public. We may even feel more comfortable making art this way, where our little failures and experiments can be done relatively safely, and where we won’t feel the prying eyes of outsiders. However, if we can get past the reservations we may have about painting in front of people, we can experience a new stage in our creative work… [...]

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How to Price Artwork for Consistent Sales Success

Deciding how to price artwork is probably the most difficult decision artists have to make. Yet, finding the optimal price has a triple benefit: it provides the artist with reasonable compensation for the creative work, and makes the buyer feel confident about investing in a particular piece. And most importantly, it generates sales. Buying art is a very personal experience. A combination of rational and emotional factors transforms a casual viewer into a motivated buyer. The importance [...]

The Magical Bond Between Fashion and Art

One of the most fascinating relationships of our civilization is the magical bond between fashion and art. Possibly the greatest example of this bond is between the artist Piet Mondrian and designer Yves Saint Laurent . Best known for geometric paintings with asymmetrical arrangements of rectangles in primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) as well as black, gray and white, Piet Mondrian was a very influential Dutch artist born in the 19th century. He was in a constant quest [...]

9 Easy Steps to Recreating a Masterpiece Painting

What is your favorite masterpiece painting? Have you ever tried to make studies or copies of it? For the artists who have gone to art school, this is probably a no-brainer. But for artists who are mostly self-taught, this is a great way to learn. In this article, I would like to share with you my process of re-creating Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. After researching many books and online resources about the master and his [...]

Selling Art with a Personal Touch

A close friend of mine loves all types of art. She works as a museum docent, and owns quite a few landscapes from a local plein air painter she admires. We talked about buying and selling art. plein air painting by Lori McNee She shared some thoughts on what made her want to purchase from him, and she mentioned that she has come to know the artist personally, which makes her an even bigger fan [...]

3 Tips From Instagram Influencer Tony Bennett

Everybody asks me, "How did you get so many followers on Instagram?" Since my real name is Tony Bennett, it's the second most frequently asked question I receive right behind, "Do you sing?" No, I don't sing, at least not very well. Fortunately, I do have a better answer to the first question! But before anyone should worry about different "strategies" to attract more followers, you need to make sure you're doing enough on your end to attract them. [...]

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Winning Tips to Plein Air Painting the Live Model Outdoors

Plein air painting with a human subject that tells a story can be a challenge, especially outdoors. Yet my friend, Scott Tallman Powers makes the process look so easy! Scott's process includes plein air painting, photography, compositional studies and studio work. He frequently paints on location and creates reference material to use back in his Idaho studio. He also travels the world and is inspired by many different cultures, including our own. It's no wonder why his award winning figurative [...]

Why You Should Share Your Art

Suddenly you have an idea and an overwhelming feeling of creative genius, but then you realize how vulnerable you will be if you share your art with other people. What if they don’t like it? What if they think it is stupid? What if they think it is awful? My question to you is, why do “they” matter so much to you? “Creativity takes courage.” - Henri Matisse Using your creative talent does take courage, but there [...]

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Easy Steps to Capturing Light in Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is a popular choice for artists of all levels because it is fast drying, water-soluble, and easy to clean up. However, some artists find landscape painting with acrylic paints a bit of a challenge. For artist John D. Cogan, acrylic painting helps him capture the landscapes and wildlife of the American West. Balanced with the knowledge of a scientist and the eye of a plein air painter, John focuses on color and the effects of light [...]

Creative Ways to Showcase & Sell Art Online and Off

Whether you intend to sell art online or not, displaying your artwork in the right way will enhance the beauty of your paintings and entice people to look at them. Here are some creative suggestions you can make use of while displaying your artwork online and off. An example of a cohesive display of Lori's encaustic paintings at Kneeland Gallery Displaying Artwork at a Gallery The way you display your artwork at an art gallery [...]