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The Art of Abstracting the Landscape with a Lens

Most visual artists use photography as a tool for their artistic process. Personally, I find that a combination of plein air painting studies and landscape photographs used together as reference material helps me produce solid studio landscape paintings. The fact that I have a fondness and appreciation for photography as an art medium is one of the main reasons why I share photography tips on this art blog from time to time. Also, many of the articles on this site can be applied toward [...]

Why You Need a Webmaster for Your Art Business

As an artist and business owner, you have a million different things to do. You don’t have time to learn everything you need to know about maintaining and promoting your website. You need to stick to what makes you money, and that's where a webmaster comes in. Webmasters specialize in the upkeep, updating, and other elements of keeping your website maintained once it is built and published. Your site isn’t going to take care of itself, so [...]

Charcoal Drawing Tips & Techniques

Drawing pencils are often considered sturdy, reliable and precise. Charcoal, on the other hand, is a wild counterpart: it's bold, daring and dramatic. It's much darker than any pencil and has a richness, making drawing with charcoal completely unique experience. Charcoal is also a versatile medium. While you can create extremely realistic, sensitive drawings with it, there is something about picking up that dusty stump of charcoal that frees us to go big, expressive and gestural. Charcoal [...]

The 100 Greatest Women in Social Media & Me!

 Tonight I came across the article, The 100 Greatest Women in Social Media and was surprised to see my name on this distinguished list of Social Media Divas! Scott Bryant begins, "They come from all walks of life with one purpose: to help change the world through the fast-growing world of social media. But most of all, they’re the women we have all grown to love and admire. To show my appreciation for these hard-working and inspirational [...]

Use YouTube to Promote Your Next Art Show!

As most of you know by now, I like to share useful art tips and art marketing ideas that I have learned myself or from fellow artists. I thought you all might enjoy seeing how my Facebook artist friend, Rusty Jones is using the power of YouTube. Rusty created this great little video to promote and market his November one-man art show. He published it on his blog, Youtube, Facebook, Metacafe, Yahoo video and BlipTV. The show is entitled, 35 ON 35 - "A series of 35 plein [...]

How Do You Define Success as an Artist?

Attempting to define success as an artist is difficult because it is a subjective term that varies widely from person to person. In the recent article, "5 Common Traits of Successful Artists", you will find an interesting and concise list of traits that are common to most successful artists - however, this is not a formula! The comments have been about as interesting as the article itself. I had planned to post this follow-up article a bit later, but after receiving the following comment, I [...]

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5 Common Traits of Successful Artists

  Guest author/artist advisor: Aletta de Wal "There is no formula for success, except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings." ~Arthur Rubenstein STOP. Before you read this article...Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths & imagine. Now let your mind find a memory of a time when you felt successful. Walk into that memory and experience it all over again. Use all of your senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, balance and acceleration, temperature, [...]

8 Tips to Create a Great Blog Post

Now that we know why you should have a blog (check out this step-by-step guide to start your own blog) for your creative business, let’s cover the basics of what to include and how to create a great blog post. There are several important things that make a good blog post: Plan Your Posts: A great way to maintain your blog is to create an editorial calendar to plan your upcoming topics. This not only gives you a well organized list, but allows [...]

3 Reasons to Start a Creative Blog for Your Business

Have you ever asked yourself..."Why do I need a blog?" or "How can a blog help my creative business?" or "How do I start a blog?" First of all, what is a blog? The term "blog" comes from "web log" which can best be described as an online journal or diary. I used to think that blogging was reserved for authors and newspaper columnists.  But, blogging is one of the best ways for small business to integrate [...]

Visual Artist’s Challenge II – Balancing Self Promotion & Gallery Representation

with Barney Davey & Jason Horejs As mentioned in the provocative article, The Visual Artist’s Challenge – Should Artists Work with Galleries, Go Direct to Collectors or Both?, art marketing expert and fellow art blogger, Barney Davey, and I both agreed on a strategy that incorporates a healthy combination of gallery representation and self promotion. But how does the artist balance promoting oneself while maintaining a successful business relationship with his or her galleries? To [...]