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Cruising and Plein Air Painting Alaska!

 Traveling, the outdoors and plein air painting are a few of my favorite passions in life. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Alaska aboard a very large cruise ship. My plein air painting time was very limited, nevertheless I didn't want to miss the chance to record beautiful Alaska in paint as you can see in the video below. As a novice photographer, I also enjoyed photographing the many amazing Alaskan wonders [...]

My Weekend with Idaho’s Wild Horses

Horses have always been one of my favorite animals, plus the ancient horse originated here in Idaho over 3.5 million years ago and is the American icon of the west. So, when I got an invitation to spend a weekend in search of wild horses in the remote mountains of central Idaho, I jumped at the chance! It was Memorial weekend, but the snow flurries and wind chill made it feel more like March. My friends and [...]

Alaskan Grizzly Bear Adventures of Nature Photographer, Buck Wilde

At the first sign of spring, Buck Wilde , otherwise known as, 'The Bear Whisperer', feels a stir inside that beckons him back to the famous Grizzly Bear Maze in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Buck is one of the most prominent grizzly bear behaviorists and nature photographers in the world today. This summer and fall, wildlife artists, nature enthusiasts and photographers are invited to join Buck on intimate world-class, wilderness safaris and photography workshops to meet grizzly bears, caribou, walruses, [...]

My Week with Master Landscape Artist, Michael Workman

Michael Workman's workshop class Recently, I had the rare opportunity to attend an advanced painting workshop at the Sedona Arts Center in Arizona with master landscape painter, Michael Workman. I was very excited about this experience because I have admired this elusive artist's work for many years, plus Michael is an 'artist's-artist', and one of the greatest landscape painters of our time. I was interested in learning how Michael 'deconstructs' his paintings and balances between a realistic approach [...]

Gone Paintin’ in Arizona!

Hello friends. In case you have been wondering about me this week...I am on a painting trip in sunny Arizona. I brought my trusty little travel laptop with hopes of blogging while on the road, however the Internet service has been spotty and unrealiable. Now, to make matters even worse - I just dropped and broke my laptop!!! I have been dreaming of buying  a new iPad II and now it looks like I will get my wish sooner than [...]

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Vancouver, Canada: 3D Art, Architecture and the Aquarium

Vancouver, BC Canada has fast become a world-renowned art hub for a new art medium, 3D computer generated art. For years, Vancouver has been fondly known as Hollywood North as it is often referred to for its feature film industry and now for the 3D movie and computer gaming industries. World famous studios such as Pixar, Electronic Arts and Digital Domain call Vancouver their home. After a year of intense hard work and dedication, my oldest [...]

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Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Family: Too Close for Comfort!

Last autumn, my painting was selectd for the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibition in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a fun event. I love Jackson Hole and I also love how close it is to two of my favorite places, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone National Park is one of my favorite places to visit on Earth. I am lucky to live only five hours away from this amazing place and [...]

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Up Close & Personal with New Zealand’s Giant Longfin Eel

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to drop my youngest son off for a college semester abroad on the south island of New Zealand at the National Outdoor Leadership School. Lucky me, I was able to escort my son to New Zealand, plus combine it with a once in a lifetime plein air painting adventure through New Zealand and Australia! So with only a month to plan, I packed up my son and me, organized my plein air painting gear and [...]

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Birdwatching in New Zealand: In Search of the Rare Fiordland Penguin

If you follow this blog, by now you know that I am a bird lover. Birds have always intrigued me...they are a piece of the wind, winged beings that go places where humans can only dream. As a child, I use to spend many summer hours trying to catch the birds that would flock to our Arizona yard and I would nurse the injured birds that hit our window back to health. As the years passed, I [...]

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New Zealand: Painting and Playing in “The God Zone”

Although travel is one of my favorite pastimes, I have to admit that New Zealand was really never at the top on my list. I had heard tales of how beautiful it is, but the long plane flight kept me from exploring the idea any further...until this summer. My youngest son was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the fall semester abroad in New Zealand where his 'classroom' would be in 'the bush'. Suddenly, I found myself escorting [...]