Sun Valley, Idaho: Small Town with a Big Art Attitude!


Although Sun Valley, Idaho originated as the first American ski resort over 70 years ago, a nationally recognized arts scene has emerged during the past 30 years. For such a small town, Sun Valley is culturally rich with a big art attitude that rivals many large cities! Year round, Sun Valley welcomes thousands of visitors and locals alike to view rotating exhibitions of painting, photography, glass, sculpture, video and installation … [Read more...]

My Day at “Idaho’s Wildest Rodeo”

tallest mountain in idaho, mount borah

  Where ever my travels take me, I always seem to find artistic inspiration. Today, I spent the day in the small town of Mackay, Idaho. Rustic Mackay is nestled below the tallest and most rugged mountains in Idaho. Standing at 12,668 tall, Mount Borah and its wild Lost Mountain Range would leave any landscape painter drooling. These majestic mountains were the backdrop for "Idaho's Wildest Rodeo." Many of my readers may never get an … [Read more...]

Catch a Wave of Inspiration! The Big Wave Photography of Clark Little


 Having just returned to the snow country from a quick break at the beach, I was daydreaming of warmer days while 'surfing' the web. I found these amazing big wave photographs that I had to share with you. Hawaiian shore-break surfing pioneer, Clark Little has quickly gained nationwide recognition for his big wave photography. It all started in 2007 when Clark 's wife wanted a nice piece of art to decorate a wall. Clark grabbed a camera, jumped … [Read more...]

Maui’s Dynamic Art Scene

Wahine Looking Left- Suzy Papanikolas

Last night I took a stroll through many of Lahaina’s galleries. I was really impressed with the quality craftsmanship of the artists and the friendly gallery employees. Hawaii has become a diverse melting pot of many cultures which is reflected in Maui’s art scene. This trip, I chose to leave my little homemade pochade box at home and relax. But, I couldn’t stay away from art! Even when I am not painting, I am always adding to my storehouse of … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Art – Not Just a Pretty Postcard


Aloha! Right now, I am enjoying a two week Thanksgiving break in Hawaii with my family. This trip I chose not to bring my paints, but that has not stopped me from cultivating my own artistic knowledge. When I travel, whether on a family vacation or on a plein air painting excursion, I like to learn about the local art and culture of the area.  I hope you enjoy this brief art history lesson about the evolution of Hawaiian art from before and … [Read more...]

Painting for the Gilcrease Museum

moran_yellowstone-oil 1893

(Hummingbird & Teacup 8x10, by Lori McNee; 2009 American Art in Miniature entry) They say that ‘good things come in small packages’ and with art, there is no exception. In fact, sometimes a miniature painting can exude a gem-like quality that larger paintings often lack. The same can be said about miniature sculptures. For buyers and collectors, the attraction to these works by nationally recognized artists not only lies in the beauty of … [Read more...]

A Brush with Danger: Plein Air Painting in the Backcountry

High Country Cattle 30x40 72dpi

During the summer months here in Idaho, I spend a lot of time exploring and plein air painting in the mountains. Plein Air painting is the French term, which literally means, ‘painting in the open air’. Just like the Impressionists, artists venture out from the comfort of their studios and into the field in order to study the effects of light on a subject. But, painting pretty pictures in the backcountry isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes hard … [Read more...]

Survival Tips for the Outdoor Painter & Enthusiast


Painting pretty pictures in the great out-of-doors is not just another walk-in-the-park. In fact, plein air painting is tough work. It takes us from the controlled environment of our studio and into the unpredictable environment of Mother Nature. Outdoor painting with a pochade box is a wonderful experience, but believe it or not, there are some hazards the artist should be aware of and prepared for when painting outside. The most effective way … [Read more...]

Plein Air Painting with Utah’s Finest


  Last week I was invited to go out 'plein air painting' with an exclusive group of talented painters from northern Utah.  Plein air painting is the French word for painting outside.  The informal group set up their various pochade boxes and braved the rains last Wednesday.  The other artists besides me were Shanna Kunz, G. Russell Case, George Hanrahan, Gregory Stocks, brothers - Seth & Simon Winegar, Jon Johnson, Mark Willar and Mike … [Read more...]

My Paintings of Provence


Provence, France  has fascinated landscape painters for ages. Artists have been painting in Provence since prehistoric times.  Paintings of bison, seals, penguins and horses dating to between 27,000 and 19,000 b.c. were found in the Cosquer Cave near Marseilles. From the 1300's up through the 1700's, Provincial rich art history consisted of biblical art, fantastic animals and scenes of daily life.  My daughter and I saw many of these … [Read more...]




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