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How To Create Mood in Landscape Painting

Like playing high or low notes on a piano, artists can 'key' their colors to create drama and mood in landscape painting. We do this by understanding and using value. For instance, high key colors in paintings use tints, or light values. Low key colors are shades, or dark values. Middle key colors are medium value or pure colors. In this fabulous guest post, landscape painter Shanna Kunz uses a limited scale of high values to demonstrate. Shanna [...]

Using Temperature, Tone and Value in Painting

Understanding the proper use of temperature, tone and value in painting will help with the success of your art. These principles can be applied whether you are plein air painting in the field, or working in portraiture, still lifes, or landscapes your studio. Here is a quick crash course of the subject. Temperature Temperature describes the degree of warmth found in a color or hue. For instance, a warm color gives the viewer a feeling of warmth such [...]

The Psychology of Color For Artists

Color affects people in countless ways. Understanding how to effectively use the psychology of color will help us create more meaningful paintings, eye catching business cards, productive studios, soothing gallery walls, and successful websites. Studies have proven that color impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a product or service. Although this infographic was made for designers, it is relevant to artists and can be applied toward many facets of art and business. [...]

9 Easy Steps to Recreating a Masterpiece Painting

What is your favorite masterpiece painting? Have you ever tried to make studies or copies of it? For the artists who have gone to art school, this is probably a no-brainer. But for artists who are mostly self-taught, this is a great way to learn. In this article, I would like to share with you my process of re-creating Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. After researching many books and online resources about the master and his [...]

Solvent Free Oil Paint Explained with Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson Artists from around the world are discovering the health advantages of oil painting solvent free. Yet, solvent free oil paint still seems mysterious to some. How can oil and water mix? Is solvent free oil paint really oil paint? These questions and more are answered in this short, informative video that we filmed at the Plein Air Convention in Monterey. All about the benefits of using solvent free oil paint is quickly explained [...]

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Winning Tips to Plein Air Painting the Live Model Outdoors

Plein air painting with a human subject that tells a story can be a challenge, especially outdoors. Yet my friend, Scott Tallman Powers makes the process look so easy! Scott's process includes plein air painting, photography, compositional studies and studio work. He frequently paints on location and creates reference material to use back in his Idaho studio. He also travels the world and is inspired by many different cultures, including our own. It's no wonder why his award winning figurative [...]

Easy Steps to Capturing Light in Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is a popular choice for artists of all levels because it is fast drying, water-soluble, and easy to clean up. However, some artists find landscape painting with acrylic paints a bit of a challenge. For artist John D. Cogan, acrylic painting helps him capture the landscapes and wildlife of the American West. Balanced with the knowledge of a scientist and the eye of a plein air painter, John focuses on color and the effects of light [...]

A Portrait Painting Palette System that Works

Portrait painters want to capture the likeness of their unique subjects with fresh living color. Yet, many artists struggle with a portrait painting palette for mixing beautiful skin or flesh tones. Steven unveiled his newest painting of the great Dr. Trevor W. Payne at his Gala reception hosted by the Coloured Women's Club of Montreal, founded in 1902. Canadian portrait artist, Steven Rosati offered to share his own portrait palette with Fine Art Tips.  The [...]

Portrait Painting: Worth A Thousand Words

Although portrait painting is an established tradition, recently there has been a resurgence in its popularity. Art lovers from the UK, US, Australia and Canada want to make a statement about their family for posterity. Recently, I was interview by the BBC for an article about portrait painting.  The article, "A Painting Worth a Thousand Words" features my children's portrait that was painted 10 years ago by David Goatley. The life-size portrait of my children proudly [...]

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How To Display Artwork On Paper Without A Frame

As an artist I am always exploring new ideas from painting techniques, mediums, subject matter and even different ways in which to display artwork. Nest l ©2014 LMcNee 9x12 Lately, I have been creating encaustic works on beautiful handmade Japanese paper. These small encaustics are delicate and a traditional frame overwhelms them. So, I've decided to float them off the wall without a frame. Here's how I did it... I used 4 duplex nails for [...]