How to Photograph Your Artwork the Easy Way! Part 1

Not all artists are natural-born photographers. In fact, photography can seem really technical and overwhelming for many of us. Nevertheless, every serious artist should be documenting his or her artwork. Getting good photos of your paintings can mean the difference of selling or not selling your art or finding the right gallery! In this two part series, I will share my simple tips on to 'how to photograph your artwork the easy way'... In … [Read more...]

How to Paint a Realistic & Vibrant Sunflower – Video Demo

Memories of Summer thumb

  The sunflower painting in this video was painted for my upcoming still life show on March 5. I have been hard at work in my studio these days... Being an artist is demanding. Each time I start a new painting, I am faced with new challenges. It always amazes me how much I learn from every new piece. Other than my children, 'Art' has been my biggest teacher in life. I think that is why I love my profession so much - I am never bored or … [Read more...]

Using Colored Pencil to Create Fine Art

sally franklin

The use of colored pencil as an art form has been argued many times as to whether the medium should be considered painting or drawing. According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of Paint is to apply color, pigment, or paint to. The way they define 'draw' is to produce a likeness or representation of by making lines on a surface . The use of colored pencil as an art form has been argued many times as to whether the medium … [Read more...]

The Secret to Painting ‘White’ Objects

karen oneil #4

Painting white objects in acrylic and oil is trickier than one might think. A beginner will often just reach for a tube of white paint and ‘call it good’ but later wonder why his or her 'daisy' looks dull, flat and lifeless. So, what is the secret to painting convincing whites? Read on to find out ... <<< This is a detail of my painting, "Still Life in Blue & White"...I put a 'white' piece of paper next the the blue & white vase … [Read more...]

Painting a Portrait of Steve McQueen – Demo

Rob Kensey Art

    by guest artist/author: Rob Kinsey Often I am asked, "Where do you get your inspiration from?" or "How long does it take you to paint a picture?"  So, I thought for my next work I'd give you an "over the shoulder" look at what goes into one of my paintings. This isn't intended to be a step by step instructional, I'll leave that up to the TV artists! It's about how I work, the different stages of a painting, composition, drawing, … [Read more...]

Give a New Identity to an Unsold Painting!

peachfaced lovebirds

Many of you might ‘gasp’ at the thought of taking an unsold painting out of the gallery and back into the studio to rework it. But famous artists like Van Gogh and Wyeth, for example, recycled canvases by painting - actually painting over their earlier works. From time to time, that is exactly what I do - I like to give a new identity to an unsold painting! ...and here I go again! (Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge for … [Read more...]

Photo Realistic Graphite Drawing Tips


Here are a few simple steps to achieve a realistic still life graphite drawing. Caravaggio is one of my favorite classic painters, he's famous for his use of dramatic lighting in his paintings during the Baroque era.  You don't have to be tied down to this particular technique, but I plan to use a similar effect in demonstating this drawing. Subject Matter & Materials: First decide on the subject matter and materials to use: there … [Read more...]

How to Paint a Blue Jay Bird – Video Demo

Still Life in Blue & White thumb

  When I was little I use to nurse injured birds back to health. Birds are a 'bit of the wind' and have always amazed me. Obviously I enjoy honoring them in paint. Learn how to paint feathers and watch the beautiful Blue Jay come to life in this oil painting speed video demonstration!  I hope you enjoy viewing this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Let me know what you think...   Lori … [Read more...]

Painting with Acrylics – The Mystery Explained!

Red Velvet - Joanne

Have you ever thought about trying your hand at painting, or wondered if acrylics might be the right medium for you? Well, let me encourage you to pick up a paint brush and give them a try! Here are a few reasons why: Acrylics are probably THE most versatile of paints. If you add water to them, you can achieve watercolor effects on paper, but with the permanence of acrylics or oils. (They do not lift off after they dry.) You can paint on … [Read more...]

Luminous Egg Tempera – Tips from a Master


Egg tempera painting is traditionally seen as a difficult medium due to it's fast drying time. However once you get over the initial learning curve of how the paint handles it can be a very versatile medium for creating luminous works of art. Below are a few guidelines for anyone starting out. 1. Paint Thin and Dry Egg tempera painting is best applied thinly and a in a dry brush manner. Impasto techniques are not well suited for egg … [Read more...]




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