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The Importance of Value & Tone in Painting

Little did I know that my drawing background would give me a good foundation in value for my painting. Value is how light or dark that color is. For example: If you took a black and white photograph of your painting, the shades of gray would be the different values within the painting. (©2006 Lori McNee "Approaching Shadows") Simply put, value is the lightness or darkness of a color or hue. In painting, value changes can be achieved by adding either black or white [...]

5 Websites to Help You Learn to Draw

by guest author: Andrew Salmon Love to doodle while on the phone or while trying to stay awake during staff meetings or in class? Well, why not develop that natural talent? Whether you’re looking for a career as an artist or just want to indulge in drawing as a hobby, the internet is a great place to learn the basics or further develop the talent you’re already cultivating. Here are five websites that will help you learn [...]

Save Studio Space! How to Make Your Own Painting Racks

My studio space is limited, so I really like this spacing saving tip I learned from my Facebook artist friend. Networking with other artists is just one of the benefits of Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Recently, I met Marc Hanson on Facebook. Marc is not only a talented artist, but a ingenious one at that. Marc's simple studio space saving idea for storing small paintings and drying them too... By guest artist/author Marc Hanson: "I thought that you [...]

A Unique Approach Using Color Harmony to Improve Your Paintings

This past weekend I was feeling unmotivated in the studio. I have just finished painting still lifes for the winter season and now must  make the switch to painting landscapes for my summer shows. I enjoy bouncing between the two disciplines, but lately nothing seemed to inspire me. So, here is what I did... I decided to have some fun and experiment with color harmony or complimentary colors. Pairs of colors that share no common elements with each other [...]

Painting Abstracts – The Process Behind the Art

Every artist obviously has different ways to create art.  Techniques, feelings, emotions & experience all play a role in the finished product. Painting Abstract or Modern Art is just plain fun. I’m not the type of artist who will take a walk and get instantly inspired by something I see.  For me, it’s more the mood I’m in and the emotions I feel when I’m in front of the canvas. "The beauty of abstract art is that I never [...]

How to Pack Your Paintings for Shipping

The subject of  'packing & shipping' art is a much overlooked, but an important topic. We all go to the trouble of creating great artwork, so we need to make sure it that we pack it well so it gets 'there' safely! In this video I explain the proper way to safely pack a painting,  purchase the right insurance and what to do if your art is damaged. Best - Lori Check out my other helpful videos! ...and articles: Newsletter Art Marketing [...]

Why Paint Abstract Art?

In the popular post,Painting Abstracts: The Process Behind the Art, a talented young abstract artist gives us a rare glimpse into the thought process and inspiration behind his abstract paintings. Abstract art, otherwise known as Modern Art mystifies many people, including representational artists. The untrained eye might have trouble understanding and appreciating it as a serious art form. We have all heard people say (or thought ourselves) things like: "That looks easy to paint" "I could do that!" "Who would anyone pay for drips [...]

“Dueling Paintings” How to Boost Productivity in the Studio

  Take a quick visit to my studio and learn how to boost and increase productivity  by 'dueling paintings'. See why working on two or more paintings at the same time can be better than one! Dueling paintings is especially helpful when cramming for a big gallery exhibition. I hope you enjoy this fun video! Thanks, Lori :-)

My Featured Painting – “Memories of Summer”

~Memories of Summer~ by Lori McNee Memories of Summer 30x28 oil/board $4200 AVAILABLE at Mountain Trails Gallery  Memories of Summer $4500.00      The name obviously explains the inspiration behind this painting. For me sunflowers, Goldfinch birds, and large juicy grapes remind me of warm summer days, although I painted this during the middle of winter. The nostalgic feeling of this painting is derived from the similar technique, lighting and color palette that was used by the Dutch Masters. This helps to evoke [...]

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Save Money! Learn How to Gesso a Hardboard Panel for Painting

Painting on hardboard or Masonite panels is economic and produces great results for oil and acrylic painters. In this short video I teach you how to prepare a panel for painting. This is an easy process and only takes about ½ hour (at most!) from start to finish and will save you money. Be sure and check out the added tips below this video... Here are a few extra tips: I usually make an assembly line and gesso a series of [...]