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  1. Rusty Jones says:

    Your Social Media video is a MUST HAVE for anyone wanting a career as an artist. I have so many friends and workshop students who shun social media. Just look at what the big players in the gallery business are doing to capture their share of this vast market to know that this is the future, until something else we aren’t anticipating comes along. Your video with Eric is so informative I have three pages of a legal pad filled with notes and I thought I was social media savvy. Note to self…you can never know enough. Thank you so much, this comes at the perfect time in my career as it goes through some changes….again. You are my hero.

    • Lori A McNee says:

      Hello Rusty! Well, I am so behind on comments…thanks so much for the great feedback! I am very grateful to hear you enjoyed our video. I look forward to our pack trip this fall! ~Lori

  2. Cyndi DuFur says:

    Great Website Lori! Now that I am finally getting into the world of self publishing/promoting/blogging etc, it is fun to review your websites and see how well you have done! It no longer feels like a foreign language to me. I like all of your tips on how to start a website. Very thorough and helpful!! Enjoy!

    • Lori A McNee says:

      Hi Cyn! I am just now catching up on comments. I am so behind and have over 500 to answer. It is fun to see you here. Thanks for checking out my blog. You can learn a lot here. I have lots of tips that would help you… 🙂

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