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Last week, I was invited to be the host of Blick Art Materials‘ first Facebook Chat. The topic was “The Blank Canvas” and we discussed helpful ideas about inspiration. 

Due to the overwhelming response, it was difficult to keep up with the questions (I couldn’t type that fast!). So, I have been working on answering everyone’s questions. Below is the first batch that was covered live and has been posted on Blick’s Facebook page. Next week I get more personal with answers that were not seen – so stay tuned for Part 2…


We’d like to thank everyone who joined us Wednesday evening for our live Facebook Chat with professional artist Lori McNee! Thanks to an amazing number of active participants, Lori was unable answer all of the questions posed during the Chat. If you’re waiting for an answer, it’s likely below. If not, it will be answered right here on next week’s Tip of the Week when Lori addresses the remaining questions about getting started, her own personal journey to success, promoting work, and staying motivated. Lori’s additional tips for finding inspiration and boosting creativity can be found after the participant Q&A in the Q&A with Blick.




  • Q: What is a sure-fire way to beat the dreaded Resistance? I deal with it every day, all day, even though my art is important to me


  • A: Create an action plan by writing down your goals and reviewing them often. Visualize where you would like to see yourself and your art career in one year, then in five years. Think big, but start small. Small decisions are important for your long-term success. Don’t worry if you get sidetracked…this might be a good time to reassess and modify your goals. Here’s an interesting Ted TV video on keeping goals:  


  • Q: You said Pinterest helped. How?



  • Q: Do you stick with one medium or experiment a lot?  


  • A: Usually when I really feel really bored or ‘stuck’ I often will try something new!  Recently, I was feeling bored with my own art. I am a realistic painter (I use Cobra solvent free oils), so I decided to take some encaustic and abstract classes! It has invigorated my art. Now I am playing around with encaustic wax paintings too… @Raziya It is important to become good at what we do, and miles of canvas behind us helps us do that! I have been painting in oils for 20 years, and lately have been exploring new things. It can get confusing at times, but I push through and improve and add to my repertoire. Here is a great post about expanding your artistic repertoire:


  • Q: Where do you start to find your inspiration? Outside? Found Objects? Do you paint indoors or out?

Please click here to read the rest of the re-cap on Blick’s Facebook page.

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Lori McNee

Lori McNee is a professional artist who specializes in still life, and landscape oil paintings. She is an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America, Plein Air Painters of Idaho, serves on the Plein Air Mag Board of Advisors, and is an Artist Ambassador to Arches/Canson/Royal Talens. As the owner of, Lori blogs about fine art tips, marketing, and social media advice for the aspiring and professional artist. As a social media influencer, Lori ranks as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and named a #TwitterPowerhouse by The Huffington Post. She is a keynote speaker, has been a talk show host for Plum TV, writes for F+W Media publications including Artist’s Magazine, Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market, Photographer’s Market. Also, Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips & Tricks for Small Businesses. Lori is also a member of the CBS Entertainment Tonight & The Insider Tweet Team.

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