Have you ever asked yourself…”Why do I need a blog?” or “How can a blog help my creative business?” or “How do I start a blog?”

First of all, what is a blog? The term “blog” comes from “web log” which can best be described as an online journal or diary. I used to think that blogging was reserved for authors and newspaper columnists.  But, blogging is one of the best ways for small business to integrate into an online business marketing tool especially if you’re and artist, photographer or handmade crafter. 

Your collectors and customers want to hear the story behind your work and the process of creation. A blog gives you the opportunity to share your story and the ‘how and why’ you create your artwork, photography or craft.

It is a fact that is does take some effort to maintain a blog, but it’s definitely worth it!

Here are 3 Reasons to Start a Blog for Your Creative Business:

1. A blog gives you an online platform to share your personal story about your artwork or products and the process you go through to create such unique pieces of work.

2. A blog gives you the opportunity to reach beyond your niche marketplace, find a wider audience and connect personally with your customers, clients and fellow artists or creatives. This will allow you to build a larger network and grow your business.

3. A blog gives you the ability to teach others about your art or craft and share your knowledge. We all learn from each other and grow together.

So, how do you create a blog?

It has become very easy (and FREE) to create your own blog these days through WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad and now even Meylah! The only thing you need is your own creative thoughts and an internet connection and you’re all set. Just follow the instructions to set up your own blog through any of the providers above.


The above article is an edited version from the original post, “Create Your Blog: The Nuts & Bolts of a Good Blog Post.” I chose to break the post up into an informative two part series on creative blogging. You won’t want to miss the useful information in part 2, “8 Tips to Create a Great Blog Post”.

Guest author: Jason Dirks is a business management consultant by day and a passionate outdoor photographer by night (or any other hour he can get outside and take pictures)! He and his wife live in beautiful Seattle, which provides the ideal landscape for his photographic interests: wildlife and nature, travel, sports and adventure.